At different levels of education, homework has proven that it is a difficult animal. The majority of the students and parents have dissenting views about homework. The majority that is against the concept of homework is of the opinion that there is no known proof that it is instrumental to the better performance of students.

We shall not go into the arguments for or against; rather, we are going to take a look at some areas of improvement on homework. The following are suggestions that can be used to straighten the rough edges in the topic of homework.

  • Make use of technology: All the problems of students concerning homework can be solved through online help. When you make use of the webpage; less time will be spent gathering facts because what you need to complete the assignment on time can be assessed online.
  • Include observations: This generation relies heavily on digital technology. They hardly notice what is around them because their interests are more on their mobile than anywhere else. Homework can be based on observations of things around the home. You can put this question to the students:  How will your environment look without flowers? This will bring an interesting twist to homework as against reading boring textbooks.
  • Involve the students in the planning: Homework should be made to teach responsibility. When students are aware that it is their personal responsibility to learn and provide different angles to the learning process; they will see homework in a better light.
  • Interaction should be encouraged: Students should be taught the element of interactions before homework is assigned to them. Brainstorm likely questions to be asked before issuing the homework to the students.
  • Class discussion: Take a different approach from coping facts from textbooks by introducing class discussion of the topic before it is assigned. You can discuss the effects of the Second World War on the world in class before giving an assignment on the topic. This will make the student have something that they can fall back to.
  • Homework based on student’s ability: The teacher should understand the capacity of his students. The homework should not be a general thing for the entire class. It will achieve the best results if is based on the capacity of each student with the purpose of helping them to progress to the next level
  • Provide feedback: When students put several hours into completing their homework; it will not make sense if the teacher failed to give feedback. Merely flipping through the top and indicating that your students finished their assignment will not work. There should be proper feedback. This will help the student to grow through the assignment.

Final thought

If we are to be fair, the present setting in the structure of homework to students can be improved on. If the suggestions given above are introduced into the system; most if not all of the challenges currently faced will be a thing of the past.

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