If homework has become a chore and it takes far too long to complete, it is time for you to take control of it. Don’t let homework get you down. There are reasons that teachers assign homework (reason other than to torture students). Homework is what enables you to reinforce what you learned in class. Homework is what helps you create good time management, organizational, and study habits that you will use for the rest of your life, homework is also what enables you to measure how well you have mastered any given concept in class. So where do you start in terms of taking back control of your homework?

That’s easy…

  1. First, set your mood. Get all the things you need to complete your homework (such as paper, a ruler, a calculator), and bring them to your study space. If you cannot focus at home, then try studying at a local library.
  2. Study regularly too. You want to study each night at the same time. Even if you don’t have homework that day, you can use the time to review notes or look over your test results. Study at the same time each and every day. When you study it is important to not only set your mood, but to set a regular time. Make homework part of your regular routine. When homework is something that you have to do normally, it will feel much less dreadful for you. You will become a professional when it comes to using your time productively too. Now, there may be nights where you don’t have any homework (something you will find to be the case more often than not if you use your time wisely). And when this happens, don’t break the routine. Instead, use the time to review your course notes or flash cards. Use the time to reinforce your homework lessons and lectures. You will be glad that you did.
  3. Make your list so that you know where to start. Begin by listing all of the things you need to do for all of your courses. List their due dates and deadlines too. Look over your assignment list and start with the most challenging items first. Then move on to the lesser challenging ones. This is important because your brain will be more focused at the start of your session compared to the end. So don’t save the hard tasks for the end.

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