It is one of the challenging courses you will ever come across. It requires a lot of hard work and determination for you to pass. If you are not a fan of math, you will have problems in this course because you will have to solve some equations. Some classes are complicated, but you have no other choice than to attend. No subject is easy. When it comes to this, it is fire and nothing less than that. You will be able to know what to expect in computer science after reading this article. You will know its classes that are the most complicated starting from the highest to the lowest.

1. Data Structures and Algorithm

Personal Experience

Last semester was tough for me because I had to deal with this unit. It gave me the most unbearable time because it was difficult. I tried putting my all in doing my assignments so that I can get a perfect grade. I was able to attain a C, which is average. The homework was not hectic because we had a maximum of seven days to complete the work. At the end of the class, I got an A, which is the best grade one can ever get in such a unit. Let no one lie to you that the session is easy because it is not close to that.

Class Description

After my transfer to another university, I had to take the class. It was a continuation of what I was doing in my previous school. The intro java came first in the book while data structures took the other part.

Success Tips

Even if it is a complicated class, you still have a chance of passing because nothing is impossible. You should know everything you have to know about programming fundamentals. You have to go deep and avoid focusing on the fundamental things, or else you will end up wasting time and failing. Having an interest in the unit is vital. Remember the work you take home is a lot, and if you have no interest, there is no way you will complete any.

2. Discrete Mathematics

Teacher Experience

I have to take the class for me to be able to graduate school. I do not have any experience regarding discrete mathematics, but I will talk about what someone else had to go through. A friend of mine studied master’s at Hopkins University and did well in all her classes. She is a professional teacher of discrete mathematics. She says that it is one of the unpleasant sessions that students have to take in school.  

Class Description

Since I have had so many things that scare me about the class, I still have to take it. I hope I will be able to enjoy all sessions and pass in the end. At the end of the semester, I will equip myself with the best programming assitance to boost the skills and help me outside school.

Success Tips

Since I have not attended the class yet, I cannot give any advice. From what the teacher says, try as much as you can to know all the concepts and how to use them, and nothing will be hard for you.

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